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4 ways of making cacao with milk foam every owners should save

Besides space, quality of drinks is the second criterion for customers to decide whether to return or not. Therefore, the selection of items for the drink menu must be carefully selected. To add novelty to the menu, in addition to coffee and juice, cocoa will surely give customers more choices. Refer to the 3 cocoa recipes below to try!

1. How to make Salted Cacao

Salted Cream Cacao or Salted Cocoa – a unique highlight for any menus

1.1 Ingredients for preparation

  • Condensed milk: 10ml
  • Hot water: 50ml
  • Pure cocoa powder: 10g
  • Unsweetened fresh milk: 50ml
  • Salt foam: 50g

1.2 Instructions 

∗ Step 1: Warm a mixture of 10ml condensed milk, 10g pure cocoa powder, 50ml hot water and 50ml fresh milk

∗ Step 2: Next, add a sufficient amount of ice into the glass

∗ Step 3: Measure about 50g of salt foam to cover the rim of the glass

How to make salt foam

  • 100g heavy cream
  • 15g of coconut nectar
  • 50ml unsweetened fresh milk
  • 2-3 drops of vanilla (optional is fine)
  • Less salt (adjust to your desired saltiness)

∗ Step 4: Sprinkle decor cocoa powder

How to make: Beat the salty cream mixture until smooth and store in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Can be used many times for many cups.

With cacao, in addition to this salted cacao, you can use it for many other dishes such as iced cacao, hot cacao,…

2. How to make Egg Cacao

The rich layer of egg cream mixed with the bitter taste of cocoa certainly arouses the curiosity of diners when enjoying it

2.1 Ingredients for preparation:

  • Pure cocoa powder: 10g
  • Condensed milk: 10ml
  • Sugar: 10g
  • Hot water: 70ml
  • Chicken eggs: 1 egg
  • Coffee: 10ml

2.2 Instructions for mixing:

* Step 1: Add ingredients including egg yolks (separated whites), 10ml condensed milk, 10ml sugar, 10ml coffee.

* Step 2: Beat the mixture with an egg beater in one direction until the mixture just thickens and reaches a light consistency, then turn off the machine.

* Step 3: Dissolve 10g cocoa powder with 70ml hot water.

* Step 4: Pour the above mixture into the glass.

* Step 5: Pour the egg foam layer on top in one direction so that the cream covers the cocoa layer until it touches the rim of the glass.

* Step 6: Sprinkle some decorative cocoa powder and enjoy.

3. Cocoa Coconut Milk
The fragrant coconut milk cocoa flavor combined with the bitter of cacao will surely be a delicious drink for all customers

3.1 Materials required

  • Pure cocoa powder: 10g
  • 10 cups of hot water: 40ml
  • Coconut essence: 50ml
  • Fresh milk: 30ml
  • Condensed milk: 20ml

3.2 Instructions on how to mix

* Step 1: Beat the mixture with an egg beater in one direction until the mixture just thickens and reaches a light consistency, then turn off the machine.

– 50ml coconut milk
– 30ml fresh milk
– 20ml condensed milk

Add 10g pure cocoa powder and 40ml hot water into the cup

(You can preheat the cup so the powder doesn’t get lumpy)

* Step 2: Stir well until all the powder dissolves.

∗ Step 3: Put ice halfway into the glass to pour the foam layer on top.

* Step 4: Sprinkle decor cocoa powder on top.

(You can place the shaping powder mold on the foam layer to increase the aesthetics of the cocoa cup more beautifully).

Above are 3 new ways to mix cocoa to innovate the menu for the shop, Heyday sends you for reference. Hope it will be a useful suggestion for your shop.

Cocoa is a nutritious drink, suitable for all ages and can replace an entire meal. A cup of cocoa has enough nutrients to bring energy to the body, and has enough caffeine to help keep the mind alert. To learn more about the benefits cocoa brings, please refer to this article:

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